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Whether you're at the inception of an idea or standing at the crossroads of a decision, consider us your ALLIES.
We love to collaborate with passionate visionaries.
We invite you to engage with us if you craft transformative trajectories or hold an untold story.
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At Long Summer Days, we are happy to collaborate with exceptionally talented individuals From cat lovers, skilled cooks, athletes, cinephile to musicians, we invite you to take a glimpse at our team and get to know us better.

Francisco Quiles

He is the founder and he ensures that ideas come to life and sets the necessary keyframes for his projects to be dynamic and fluid.

When he’s not working, he enjoys walking or watching movies from the 90’s with his wife. He enjoys spending time with friends and family in a mountainous area in Bajío, Mexico.


Sharon Martínez

She is partner and a co-founder, supervising general processes to ensure they are correctly executed. As a multimedia graphic designer, she enjoys multitasking in creative, motion, and design-related tasks.

She is a Potterhead, big Red Devils supporter and enjoys spending time with her loved ones, she has a passion for collecting toys and assembling Lego sets.


Diana Vela

She is partner and a co-founder. She oversees the accounts and production department. Her primary responsibilities involve handling client business proposals and coordinating with the production team to ensure timely project deliveries.

She loves traveling, «garnachas», and spending quality time with her family, watching series and anime with her daughter, listening to music with her husband, and caring for and adoring her cats.


Orestes Mora

He is partner and our Chief Design Officer. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the design team, always seeking to maintain efficient communication and the optimal standard of quality in our graphics.

His favorite activity is relaxing in his family’s company and taking walks with his dogs while listening to audiobooks or podcasts.


Luis Nieves

He is one of our motion directors. He enjoys leading projects, assisting his colleagues, and generating/sharing ideas and solutions to bring fun and exciting graphics to life through various types of animation.

He likes running and calisthenics. He enjoys discovering new recipes, glamping, walking with his dog-daughter, and hugging his niece, girlfriend, and mother. He loves roosters, the movie Drive, tattoos, and streetwear.


Cecilia Sánchez

One of our project managers she’s responsible for overseeing the projects, giving instructions to the team, and sending the required assets to the clients. She also has animation skills and provides support in the projects.

She enjoys watching series and movies, listening to music, especially by Taylor Swift, exploring new places, spending time with loved ones, taking photographs, assembling puzzles, and reading.


Roger Juárez

He is one of our animation directors, constantly searching for ideas to create original graphic animations. He always seeks to innovate and improve his skills to achieve increasingly complex and visually pleasing pieces.

Outside work, he enjoys going to the beach, spending time with his family and friends, traveling, listening to vinyl records, exploring new places, and meeting new people. He enjoys making edits on his phone, is always on the move, and trying to enjoy life in his way.


Justiniani (SUPASOUND)

Our audio designer is in charge of the sound identity of LSD, complementing all the creative work, illustration, and animation. He is the final step in the creative process.

He enjoys exploring new sounds, creating new music, spending time with his children, and riding a bicycle.


Our director in the editing department is an audiovisual producer responsible for turning scripts into video clips. He is in charge of the production and supervision of shoots.

In his free time, he divides it between watching movies, series, Instagram and going to the park with his family.


Bitasi Santos

One of our Illustration directors helping translate ideas into graphic styles, including character development, backgrounds, anatomy, character, and perspectives, to complement design compositions.

He enjoys exercising, listening to music, watching series and movies, trying different types of food, and experimenting in the kitchen. He loves to share everything with his partner, going out with friends, working on personal projects, and collaborating with people worldwide.


Alex Santiago

She is dedicated to illustration, creating quick sketches, and sometimes assisting with coloring sequences. She can quickly adapt to any drawing style and offer creative ideas for execution.

In addition to her work, she also writes and illustrates her fantastic stories, collects books for the end of the world, and adores ceramics. Spending time with her daughter is crucial to her. She takes her to the circus, horseback riding, swimming lessons, and for walks in the forest.

Anx Alarcón

As a project manager, she links the client, the creative team, and the design department, ensuring that concepts merge to meet each client’s specific needs.

She handles the organization, categorization, and tracking of assigned projects to meet the expectations of each one.

Outside work, she enjoys reading, caring for plants, and spending time with human and furry friends. She believes that coffee, bread, sleep, and dance should be a universal right.


Pepe Ávalos

He is an illustrator, concept art, and 2D animator specialist. He enjoys being involved in brainstorming sessions and helping to bring projects to life, always adding a creepy or humorous touch to make them more memorable.

Learning and stepping out of his comfort zone. He likes vintage horror, music, ghosts, and cartoons. He spends time with friends and cats. An impromptu karaoke night is something he will always appreciate.


Trini Núñez

She is our coordinator for the finance and Human Resources department. She enjoys morning coffee, and in her free time, she likes to go to the movies and visit the beach.


Karina Cisneros

One of our motion designers and illustrators enjoys finding quick solutions through her combined animation and illustration skills and extensive knowledge of pop culture. She always pays attention to details in her work.

In her free time, she enjoys consuming drag content, visiting places that serve fancy drinks, listening to true crime podcasts, watching series and movies, drawing, reading, and spoiling her cat.

Daviher Loredo

Daviher Loredo

A Passionate art director, devoted to art and creativity, focused on creating processes and leading teams to achieve innovative and practical projects.

Creating is his passion, as his love for the Beatles, he enjoys taking walks in nature.


Laura Benavides

She is a motion designer who gives movement to illustrations and graphics to communicate ideas better. She enjoys experimenting with different animation techniques and is skilled in 2D and 3D animation.

In her free time, she likes to make desserts or enjoy some time watching series or movies.

Karen Mercado

She is a graphic designer who brings imaginative ideas into visual reality, seeking the perfect combination of image, color, and text to convey a clear and compelling message.

She focuses on information design and lettering and uses them as powerful tools for communicating ideas.

In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and playing her favorite online game, Animal Crossing.

Tacho Aguilar

One of our illustrators/designers, he enjoys creating attractive and functional illustrations and designs.

He loves music and is constantly discovering new artists. He also enjoys watching movies and eating popcorn while doing so.

Kappy García

One of our 3D generalists to objects and environments, he enjoys doing 2D and a mix of techniques.

He loves drawing.

Eliud Nevarez

Eliud Nevarez

Dedicated to illustration and design, Eliud translates ideas and concepts into attractive, sensitive visual language.

In his free time, he enjoys working on his artistic projects, exercising, watching movies and series, playing video games, or simply resting and sleeping.

Héctor Padilla (PADA)

One of our creatives and copywriters is responsible for conceiving and creating attractive, fun pieces that convey the right message, from how we imagine them to the last comma. He is familiar with all kinds of stories, styles, and formats.

During his free time, he will be reading/watching series and movies of all types and genres, including comics and digital content.


Joek Estrada

He is a motion designer in charge of animating any object and exploring efficient ways to achieve a specific look.

He spends most of his time fine-tuning details to create realism in 3D scenes.

In his free time, he listens to reviews and cooks something delicious.


Ashby Saucedo

She is a graphic designer who turns ideas and scripts into visually pleasing graphics. She enjoys exploring new ways to solve problems visually and creating practical, functional, and dynamic design solutions.

She likes to rest and recharge her creative ideas in her free time. She also experiments with new food, explores different art mediums, and finds inspiration in «weird» content. The laughter of her friends is vital to her creative motivation.


Iván Aguilar

He is an illustrator and graphic designer who interprets and solves design needs creatively and functionally, and sometimes with a touch of humor. He helps generate concepts and projects to support his colleagues at work.

He enjoys reading manga, animating, and illustrating small, fun, and personal things in his free time. He enjoys watching anime, cartoons, 80’s action movies, or comedy series and walking with his little dog.


Ricky Arvizu

He is a graphic designer who dedicates himself to creating visual proposals based on creative concepts and scripts, always experimenting in his process.

When he is not working on his art and illustration projects, he likes a movie afternoon, exploring the city on his bicycle, and visiting bars, restaurants, and places where he can dance.


Aldair Gonzalez

As a motion designer, he explores different animation techniques and processes that allow them to communicate an idea effectively. He also develop presets, scripts, and expressions that help improve the accuracy of their work.

Outside work, he enjoys discovering new coffee bars and cycling around the city. He also takes care of his plants and loves his cats.

Katha Rivera

She is one of our motion designers who bring stories told in pixels and vectors in 2D to life, exploring various styles.
In her free time, she brings her ideas from Pinterest to reality.


Michelle Acosta

Our production assistant’s mission is to deliver the necessary materials for each project and be attentive to any requests from the company and clients.

She likes to keep herself entertained between leisure and work because she quickly gets bored. *Important note: inviting her to have quesadillas with chocolate milk for dinner will make her happy.


Yelitza Gaytán

One of our graphic designers, she transforms ideas into easily understandable, attractive, and exciting images.

She loves discovering stories in film, television, music, and any presentation, and she also creates her own stories through travel.


Tadeo Romero

One of our 3D generalists and motion designers, he aims to bring the creative team’s ideas to life through 3D pieces and achieve functional and realistic compositions, paying attention to every project detail.

He always seeks to learn and improve their working methods without losing their creativity.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing sports like volleyball and going cycling. He also plays video games on their PC or Nintendo Switch. He likes watching series and anime, reading manga, and following 3D artists.


Haze González

One of our Motion Designers is dedicated to animation and is open to learning and exploring new styles to boost her creativity.

She enjoys telling stories and consumes different media to improve her storytelling skills. Additionally, she enjoys listening to music from Buck-Tick and having a good cup of coffee while joking, dancing, and singing.


Mich Gil

She is a graphic designer creating authentic visual resources for content, standing out for her ability to prioritize information and pay attention to details.

Outside work, she enjoys walking, exercising, dancing, observing, spending time with her dogs, and watching sports. She also loves food and sharing moments with her loved ones.


Martín Llanez

Dedicated to illustration and graphic design, Martín focuses on creating assets for various projects. He is passionate about pop culture and collects figures, cards, manga, comics, and other items from his favorite movies and cartoons.

He enjoys staying up-to-date with the video game industry and watching movies and series. During his free time, he enjoys walking, having good food, and drawing while listening to music.

Carlos Delgado

Our graphic design intern is willing to do two things at once: supporting his colleagues as much and as best as possible while learning in the process of professional development.

When he’s not designing, he divides his time between activities such as listening to music, playing video games, watching series and movies, and doing sports.


Gabo Díaz

He is one of our graphic designers and illustrators, helping us give shape to ideas with very appealing visuals. He has versatility and ease with characters.

He enjoys doing ceramics, playing music, and hanging out with friends.

Viri Soto

She is a creative ninja, one of our copywriters, and a creative team member; her mission is to create functional, engaging, and trendy messages or concepts for brands and their target audiences.

Proudly a geek, she finds inspiration in complex narrative movies and in anime.

Melanie Silva

She is one of our producers for international projects, responsible for following up on the projects and maintaining contact with the client and the team.

She likes to dance and spend as much time as possible with her children. She lives in Philadelphia and supports all the local sports teams.

Ulises Quiles

He is a video editing assistant responsible for supporting the production of audiovisual products.

He enjoys exercising, going shopping, and taking walks near his home.

Vale Estrada

She is one of our copywriters, responsible for bringing an idea to life from scratch. Additionally, she is an excellent presenter and has a keen eye for the details of each project.

She enjoys listening to music, especially Taylor Swift, yoga, and watching series.

Daniel Piña

A member of Homeboy Studio, he is one of our recurring collaborators in motion design, with a beautiful ability to animate characters.

He enjoys spending time with family, music, and laughter. Recently, he repaired a wooden piece of furniture and said he could take it up as a hobby.

Denise Escobar

She is one of our video editors, responsible for generating the material we use in an audiovisual project with great fluidity and speed.

She enjoys going to the movies, eating at places with games for her daughters, and visiting recreational spots with her family.

Issac Loredo

He is one of our illustrators with a remarkable ability to create characters, scenes, and visual concepts.

He enjoys playing video games, going for runs, drawing, and watching series and movies.

Lalo Ladrón

He is one of our graphic designers, with many skills that allow him to create assets with any visual style.

He likes to listen to music (a lot), watch movies/series, skate, and have some coffee.